Current Classes:

Mommy and Me - Pediatric Associates of Kingston 

Class is held inside every Friday morning starting February 22nd from 9am - 9:45am. We will add a fun feature each week. Some include: story, music, etc. Cost per class is $10 per child. You must pre-register for this class! For more information and to register, please visit:

Classes offered: 

Yoga Babies: (Parent and Baby Yoga -10 weeks to crawling) 
Classes are baby led and babies will feed, need changing and cry but we flow and work with that and build the sessions adapting to whatever needs our little yogis and their moms have. Here we focus on settling techniques, enhancing bonding between parent and baby, relieving colic and wind/digestive issues, gentle stretches that help babies open up after nine months curled up during pregnancy. There are many benefits to baby yoga. These sessions support physical and mental development, simulate all the senses and the activity involved helps baby to get a deeper sleep. Built into each class is a lovely relaxation time with sensory play and lullaby. It’s a fun well rounded baby group where new parents can feel comfortable and accepted, socialize with other moms and babies of the same age, we even incorporate baby massage into each class. 

Yoga – Tots: (Parent and Tot Yoga -12 months to 2 years) 
These classes are a great progression from the younger group but you don’t need to have attended a previous yoga class. Sessions are toddler led and the whole floor is our yoga mat. Encouraging growing independence of our newly mobile babies. Here we get a little more adventurous with our moves including more poses that aid balance coordination and good posture. Babies love to be sung to and nursery rhymes feature more in these sessions, aiding the development of language skills. Its lots of fun for everyone and a very active class. Partnering with your baby and sharing in poses and moves that you can also enjoy at home. Other benefits of the routines used include relaxation, self-soothing techniques and reducing tantrums. We have quiet time at the end of each session with our yogi's including sensory play which allows moms to also unwind and recharge.  

Children’s Yoga: (2 years – 4 years)  
Sessions start to introduce a more traditional yoga structure but following a story, theme or song. It’s such an adventure and each class has a lesson to learn, an affirmation that is the key to the story. Little yogis are encouraged to join in and express poses as they interpret, with guidance from the teacher and support from parents. Yoga is a non-competitive activity that will allow your child to be confident in an independent way. Active, busy children are welcomed in class and after are adventure and fun little ones learn techniques to be calm and relax that will help them outside of classes for years to come. Special and additional needs are also catered for in all classes. 

Yoga for School Age Children and Teens: (Ages 5+) 
In this class, we integrate playful yoga with creative self-expression. We incorporate storytelling, art and music from around the world to create an exciting class. Silly yoga sequences created in this class develop strength, coordination and body awareness. We begin to introduce simple balancing poses and inversions to help the kids build self-confidence while experiencing the world upside down. Playful breathing exercises, creative imagery and relaxation are introduced to give your child these important skills to carry with them into their busy school and social lives.

Teen Yoga: 
These young adults make up the population that needs yoga the most! In every teen class, we create a safe and comfortable environment for students to express themselves and to let go of their everyday anxieties. We focus on affirmations and the present moment. Teen classes include a combination of typical yoga class poses and restorative poses. 

Yoga for Athletes: 
Yoga for athletes is an all-levels one hour class designed for teens/young adults ages 12-18 who wish to prepare their bodies and minds for peak performance in athletics such as soccer, dance, football, baseball/softball, gymnastics, volleyball, ice hockey, track & field, golf, field hockey, tennis, cross-country running, swimming, martial arts and more. 

Students will gain physical and mental strength, flexibility, and improve coordination and balance while developing skills to manage stress, improve focus and concentration.  Through yoga-based movement and breath awareness, students will cultivate self-awareness. Class will end with an 8-10 minute quiet relaxation to promote integration and an overall sense of peace and well-being.

*Open grades 6-12 - no yoga experience required.* 

​​Family Yoga:
Yoga for families is a fun-filled way for children, parents and even grandparents to spend quality time together while enjoying a fun and healthy activity. Practicing yoga together helps strengthen the bonds between parents and children while they support each other and have fun. Family yoga provides the rare opportunity for both adult and child to observe and learn from each other and is a great way to bridge the age difference between them. Parents get to learn about the ways their child learns and the way he or she interacts with a group, and the children get to experience their parents as learners as well. This class is filled with partner poses, group poses, silly flowing sequences and yoga games!

G + ME 

Children and Family Yoga

Are you interested in G + Me Children's Yoga?

We offer private lessons, specialized classes to cater to Camps, Schools and Special Needs Groups. We also offer classes for birthday parties (we come to you) and last but not least join us around the community.